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Dear Guest, Welcome to Official Website of Malaysia Cat Club/Kelab Kucing Malaysia. Follow our links to find out more about Malaysia Cat club, the staff, activities, projects, events and have a tour through our malaysia cat gallery. Updates on the latest events and activities will be posted below and on our facebook page. Thank you

A Cat Club? Why?

To answer all these questions, one has to refer to the Club’s Constitution and Objectives, all related to the aim of protecting and caring for the welfare of the cats, maintaining the high standards of the different breeds and creating a loving relationship between human and animal. MCC or KKM strives towards these objectives in the form of organizing activities exclusive for members, amongst others:

- Cat and Cattery registration.
- Guidance to responsible ownership of cats.
- Advice in cat care and nutrition.
- Organizing of cat shows and exhibitions.
- Organizing of seminars and workshops on breeds, standards, proper breeding and genetics.
- Provide judging courses.
- Subscribe to overseas newsletters and latest developments in the cat fancy.
- Club information chain. The quarterly flier, the Catzette and the annual Berita Kucing or Cat News.
- Awareness programs and information on cruelty to cats and strays.
MCC or KKM supports and works closely with animal protection bodies like PAWS and SPCA in view of the safety and welfare of animals, especially cats.

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