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In the making of Kucing Malaysia...


The idea to have a new cat breed for Malaysia started sometime in 1994.
The question at the time was.... What should it be like?
What would the genetic pattern be?
Would it fulfill the definitions of a pure breed?

A pure breed shall have the following characteristics:

* A particular type which differs from any other breed, which be in the form of the body and head shape and size, ears and/or fur.
* A standard variety of colors and patterns, free from genetically and physical defects of a documented origin (commonly called the pedigree), and breeds true, meaning the offspring's MUST resemble the parents in both type and variety.

How would we know what to choose to satisfy the above from the array of various type of cats available locally? There are a lot of look alike, the Burmese factor, the Siamese pattern, the Abyssinian ticking and there are the British and Exotic furs.
There are a lot of defects, especially in the tail: kinks, knots, stumpies, longies and even bob-tails! So....... how do we start???

Opinions were seek from the various International judges that were here. For almost a year these were gathered, and finally Mrs. Alva Uddin, the President of the FIFe (Federation Of Internationale Feline) came out with the selection for the KUCING MALAYSIA or MALAYSIA CAT. Who would know better other that FIFe, as they are the International World Body in maintaining and regulating breed standards.


The KUCING MALAYSIA or MALAYSIA CAT should be medium in size with close lying furs and an oval, egg shaped head and convex in profile: A common feature amongst our local cats.
The colors should be that of the Siamese- the reason for the blue oval eyes- as these colors originated from, and are unique to these regions. The “with white” pattern was chosen due to it being commonly available in our local cats. The allowable base colors at the moment are seal-brown, blue, chock, lilac, red, cream and torties- agoutis included- with any amount of white. The proposed standards for the breed was drafted and submitted to FIFe board. Finally the breed was introduced to FIFe at its launching at the General Assembly in Kuching, Sarawak (state in Malaysia) on the 26 May 1996. As the cat was brought to the hall, enthusiasm from the conference delegates about the potential of this new proposed breed.


It takes 5 (five) generations before 15 specimens from at least 3 different generations can be presented to FIFe's Judges and LO Commission for verification. By then the defects would have been eliminated, the criteria met. Only then will the breed be presented to the General Assembly for recognition and endorsement. By a rough estimation, God Willing, it will be by the year of 2008.

Kelab Kucing Malaysia or Malaysia Cat Club welcomes you to embark on this challenging and long journey to own a cat breed we can call our own.

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